G. Lane Barnett

G. Lane Barnett, Principal

Lane Barnett has more than thirty years experience in package goods marketing, real estate brokerage and franchising, and real estate related home services such as mortgage, closing services, and insurance. Known for building brands for a variety of Fortune 500 companies Barnett brings the unique perspective of a national marketer and operating executive and a local business owner to the delivery of real world solutions.

In positions as diverse as President and CEO of GMAC Franchise Real Estate to Senior VP and Director of Marketing for Jim Beam Brands, he clearly understands the need for brand differentiation and sound metrics based business planning and operations. Most importantly he understands the need for solutions that are locally implementable and that will work in the real world.

Lane is an accomplished public speaker having presented to countless audiences ranging from several thousand to intimate groups of senior executives. Known for his no holds barred straight talk about industry challenges and real world solutions he covers topics such as “ The Common Denominator of Business Success”, “The Disappearing Bricks and Mortar Office”, and “How To Turn Trends at 30,000 Feet Into Local Success”.

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